Bio-Fresh organic hair care is UK's own specialized quality organic hair care company. Bio-Pharma (UK) Limited started with Bio-Fresh shampoos, with mission to convert more people towards using organic products. Bio-Fresh naturally organic products are a range of natural alternatives which avoid the synthetic chemicals found in many of today's hair care products. Our ingredients are naturally organic using from worldwide. Entire product ranges from Bio-Pharma are suitable for vegetarian and vegan. All the products are made without using from synthetic chemicals and have not been tested on animals. With every Bio-Fresh product we create and look up to optimise the balance between using plant derived ingredients, in combination with chemical components deemed necessary for the product to operate safely and effective. As new found technologies and knowledge become available, we progressively increase the ratios of naturally derived ingredients, thus improving our formula overall. In this new era Bio-fresh organic hair care products treat yourself to the exclusive all naturally organic hair care products attracting rave reviews from UK and Europe. Bio-Pharma (UK) limited is dedicated exclusively to high performance professional naturally organic hair care products.

Bio-Fresh shampoos

Bio-Fresh organic hair care has formulated the range. It is an amazing shampoo of high performance organic hair care products that are revolutionising the way we see in natural hair care. The whole Bio-Fresh shampoos smell naturally great, enhances the manageability of your hair and full of natural goodness. Bio-Pharma trade only highest quality all natural products without compromise to ingredients.


Bio-Pharma is committed to offering products that are natural, gentle, organic and highly effective. We will maintain our quest for excellence, creativity and innovation at all times, and will not compromise the quality of any Bio-Fresh organic hair care product.

We aim to educate our customers and raise awareness and change for some of the most ethical and eco-conscious organic brands that give back to environmental. We strive to improve and fulfill the lives of our clients through our positive business practices and our products made with purpose, value and pureness. We want to not only enhance the quality of people’s lives, but provide a tailored and holistic experience to our entire customer. Which is why we will only offer brands we deeply believe in and you will love using.

Promise and commitment:

We are committed to only offering you only the safest, purest, products available from companies built on transparency and integrity. We want you to feel safe when using these products and we are confident in the performance of each of these products. For us, organic living is a way of life and we want you to love these products as much as we do. We also care about the environment and choose only the ‘greenest' and most 'sustainable' options where possible.